KLS Backup

Back up your files and sync them over an FTP


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KLS Backup Standard is a versatile tool for backing up your files. Besides protecting your most precious files, it can also sync your backups in several different ways.

The program lets you work with various types of backups, be they full backups of local folders, your Windows registry, your email (supports Outlook and Thunderbird), or mixed backups with any files you choose.

To do each backup, KLS Backup Standard provides a simple and useful assistant that lets you customize your backups and change the sync options (locally or remotely, via FTP, etc.)

You can also access a log with all the activity in KLS Backup Standard, which you can check in HTML, plain text, or email.

You can back up and sync up to 1,000 files. Backups can't be over one gigabyte, and you can't create more than 10 projects.

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